Monday, September 28, 2009


I had my hair cut today. I did some hair modelling for the amazing Chris Burton from London. He asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted, and being fairly fancy free with my hair, I said he could go for his life... and then he asked me if there was anything I didn't want. And my list was long! When it comes to not knowing what we want, but knowing what we don't want - is it just two sides of the same coin?

Sometimes I find it hard to have opinions about things: I'm scared I'm wrong, I think people will laugh at me, I don't care enough. 

But today I thought I would share a few things I know I do like...

New haircuts.
Starting with my hair! I'm going to be brave, and say that it has touches of the amazing Kate Lanphear. In style at least, if not in actual effect!

I now have a heavy, sweeping fringe, but shortshortshort hair all around. My fringe, which leans bluntly down over my left eye, is undercut on that side. Unlike la lanphear and her amazing blondeness, I have remained a loyal brunette. Chris put a colour through it, and it is now a rich, deepdark brown. I like.

Crazy shoes
Oh, how impractical footwear makes me melt. I heart these Ashish wedges. And I heart the amazing Rumi in them too...

Next day breakfast with last night's makeup....having my second cappucino-with-perfectly-microbubbled-froth before my scrambled eggs arrive...drinking cask wine at beaches that have amazing views...mucking around at random fashion events...

Uploading these has taken soooo long! I think there is a shorter way of doing it. Anyone got any helpful suggestions?

Much love, time to sleep...

LaClare x