Saturday, December 19, 2009

This little Pinky went...

I've just gotten back from Melbourne, where this lovely lady was my mode of transport - her name is Pinky. Cycling is so much fun! Pinky took me to cafes, shopping, and even to the pub.

Wearing Wrangler jeans, Barkins top, black boots, Sportsgirl beanie

Melbourne's bike culture is awesome. In Sydney, people take devious pleasure in plotting your demise if you're on two wheels.

My favourite place to go was to Rooftop Bar to the open air cinemas. I don't think I'll ever be happy watching movies in a cinema ever again! Give me beach chairs, a warm breeze, a glass of sauvignon blanc, and a clear-to-dusk-to-fuzzy-to-dark skyline.

By far my favourite place to eat in Melbourne was Vegie Bar...

Can't wait to be back again! Melbourne's just got this vibe that Sydney will never have. It seems that in Melbourne people wear their clothes for the fun of it, not to showcase which suburb they come from. Whether strolling down Collins St, or picnicking down at the Convent, Melbournians just seem relaxed and vibe-y (though that is a sorry excuse for a word!).Will take photos of shopping purchases soon... I can't figure out how to take good photos of myself haha! Need to get a tripod for my camera.