Thursday, November 17, 2011


I had coffee with a darling friend today, and it has helped so much to shake me out of my unemployed apathy. Well, the apathy anyway, not so much the unemployment. We met at Flat White, in Soho. Flat White is like the original (or so I've heard) Australian/NZ cafe that actually created the Aus/NZ coffee reputation. It didn't disappoint, and it was a relief to actually have a flat white that wasn't an Americano with a splash of milk. (I DON'T LITERALLY MEAN A COFFEE THAT IS FLAT AND WHITE YOU DOLTS).

It felt like this:
Like our troubles were there with us, these big white fluffy clouds. And we couldn't see the silver linings in being unemployed in London (there isn't really one, aside from being able to meet during the day I guess). But sitting there chatting together meant our little cloud troubles were floating in the hot chocolate of friendship (OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE POETRY.)
It was just such a damn relief to chat to someone who is in exactly the same position as I am. There was no helpful advice. There was no flippant 'you'll find something soon'. There was no abstract mutterings about recessions and depressions. So we commiserated each other on the shittiness that is job seeking in London, and then spent more time plotting to start a book club. Take that, employment.

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