Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Zara

I know that Zara has just opened in Sydney, and I'm quite glad I'm nowhere near it. It sounds like the queues are awful, the collections limited, and you can spot Zara shoppers a mile away. Not that spotting a Zara-ite a mile away is necessarily a bad thing. There's a girl at work who seems to shop solely at Zara. And I know this because I want her bag and her coat.
This bag in particular. Mum, Christmas?? 

And then I saw their new lookbook. Wowsers. I think they've broken away from their own Zara-ness, and it's amazing.
I love the patterns most of all I think. The genius of that dark chambray/denim shirt teemed with a workday skirt and severe jacket. The buttoned up collars, the scalloped shirts. The deep red scruffy Chanel-esque jacket. Draped dresses in storm colours. Gorgeous. Working in an office I sometimes really struggle to force my rather eclectic wardrobe into office mode. I'm incapable of buying anything practical (I bought my first plain grey tshirt the other day. It was epic), and I love the amounts of personality in this collection, as it blurs the boundaries between self-expression and appropriate occasion.

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  1. love zara but as for the sydney front, when they opened in May I walked into the store and saw the skirt i was wearing. I bought it the year before in Canada so coming from England you'll probably be 4 seasons ahead. Love the new looks though!